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$800 Off a Set of Premium Hearing Aids

The Optical & Hearing Centers offers $800 off premium hearing aids for residents in Matamoras, PA, Stroudsburg, PA, Oak Ridge, NJ, and Newton, NJ. At an appointment at our hearing offices, you’ll meet with one of our certified Hearing Specialists in a welcoming and restorative environment. Our four locations in Matamoras, Newton, Oak Ridge, and Stroudsburg offer convenient parking and same-day scheduling! Providing a superior experience to achieve better hearing can mean offering the highest quality, custom-fitted hearing aids. Let us help you down the path of hearing by taking $800 up off your price tag while we also check into what your insurance may cover!

Love listening to music or watching TV? Do you miss hearing conversations during a party or just being social at the dinner table? We are here to get you back to enjoying the sounds of life. As our patient, you will be involved every step of the way, from testing to treatment to choosing what option is best for you. Call us now to book an appointment or fill out our online form to request a call-back to schedule!

Stroudsburg, PA: 570-421-2680
Matamoras, PA: 570-491-5454
Newton, NJ: 973-383-3650
Oak Ridge, NJ: 973-697-4550

Expert Hearing & Vision Care at Four Locations in Northern New Jersey and Northeast Pennsylvania